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Former Congressman Bob McEwen

Bob McEwen is known for his spectacular talent at communicating complicated issues in an easy to understand manner. An economics major and six-term Member of the United States Congress, Bob explains the part that Liberty plays in understanding why some nations are rich and some nations are poor. His interesting presentations sprinkled with humor empower interested citizens to make the decisions that bring prosperity to a family, a state or a nation.  An outstanding communicator, Mr.McEwen is a leading advocate for pro-family interests and free-market economics. As such, he maintains an active international speaking schedule. 

Bob McEwen is the Executive Director of the Council for National Policy. He is a leading advocate for pro-family interests and free-market economics and maintains an active international speaking schedule.

An Ohio native, McEwen, served three terms in the Ohio General Assembly, and six terms in the United States House of Representatives, where he was selected to the Select Committee on Intelligence (which overseesall of our nation's secrets) and the House Committee on Rules (which has jurisdiction over all legislation in the Congress). 

In 1989, Congressman McEwen and U. S. Senator Robert Dolewere U. S. observers in Warsaw, Poland for the first-ever parliamentary election of a non-Communist leader of a Soviet bloc country. Hours later, the new Prime Minister, in his first official act, received the two before meeting with the Soviet representatives of the regime that had occupied that nation for fifty years. This was the spark that encouraged the collapse of Soviet-dominated governments throughout Eastern Europe, culminating in the destruction of the Berlin Wall ten weeks later.

 McEwen also sponsored the National Strategy Act that realigned the chain of command during times of hostilities, which Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and General Norman Schwarzkopf credited with playing a major role in the success of Operation Desert Storm.

Former Congressman Bob McEwen

Former Congressman Bob McEwen

Executive Director, Council for National Policy

Council for National Policy