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Gene Mills

President of Louisiana Family Forum Gene Mills, an ordained minister and highly sought-after speaker, brings nearly thirty years of experience working life and family issues into the Louisiana political landscape.  Mills has directed the activities of LFF, a non-profit research and education organization, since its inception in 1998 - providing "a voice for traditional families in Louisiana."

LFF's network includes associations with Focus on the Family, Family Policy Alliance, Family Research Council, State Policy Network, Alliance Defending Freedom, and forty state-level family policy councils nationwide.

Mills was named a Top Ten Conservative Influencer in Louisiana by Politics Magazine. He has also been heralded by the New York Times as having "an honored spot in the old marble halls" of the State Capitol.

His close working relationship with hundreds of pastors and faith leaders has served as a catalyst for faith-based institutions to engage the culture and restore biblical foundations. Mills is a regular guest on media platforms throughout Louisiana and uses this outlet to voice a message of courage and community connectedness.

Mills was licensed to preach in 1987 and later ordained in 1994 as a Minister of the Gospel by the Assemblies of God.

  Bringing a commitment to family and public service, Mills has been married 30 years to Blanche Bollich Mills, the 2003 Louisiana Young Mother of the Year. He and Blanche enjoy the blessings of five sons, three daughters and two grandchildren.

Gene Mills

Gene Mills

President, Louisana Family Forum