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How it Works

ProFamily Legislative Network serves as a link between pro-family legislators and leaders across the nation and pro-family legislation from other states. Although excellent pieces of pro-family legislation are passed in individual states, pro-family legislators and leaders in other states are often unaware of such measures. Not only does this deprive that state and its citizens of the benefits of such legislation but it also causes legislators to waste countless hours replicating work already done-thus the need for the ProFamily Legislative Network.

ProFamily Legislative Network screens hundreds of bills to identify those related to pro-family issues. Additionally, the ProFamily Legislative Network provides support services for many of the bills (e.g., relevant statistics, other states which have acted on that bill, historical or legal precedents, referral to other legislators or experts who have addressed that issue, bill analysis, etc.)

Other services include assistance drafting legislation, providing expert testimony, networking with other legislators, research and background information, sample legislation, and specialist referrals.

Every year we host the ProFamily Legislators Conference, providing an opportunity for conservative pro-family State legislators from across the United States to come together for an insightful briefing session with leading experts in a variety of fields. See the "Conference" tab for details.



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