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PFLN Purpose

ProFamily Legislative Network (PFLN) serves pro-family legislators and leaders as they enact policies to strengthen America's families and communities. In his work across the nation, David Barton met hundreds of elected officials and grassroots leaders from whom he received scores of requests for assistance with legislative issues on the State level. This seemed to be true especially among conservative God-fearing legislators and leaders as they faced the particularly difficult issues confronting the family and traditional values. In 1998, to help serve legislators dealing with these sensitive but important social issues,PFLN was launched.

We understand the sacrifices made by State legislators, many of whom are part-time legislators holding down full-time jobs back in their home districts yet still meeting the rigorous demands of office. Many function with little or no support staff or budget during the session; and with term limits, legislators in many States not only face a high turnover but the loss of institutional knowledge available from experienced legislators. PFLN serves these legislators so they can be more efficient and effective, and so that their efforts are maximized.


Kansas State Capitol