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About US

Celebrating two decades of serving state legislators

About the Pro-Family
Legislative Network

At the Pro-Family Legislative Network, we envision a future where the foundational values of our nation are upheld and advanced through strategic policy reform and vibrant community engagement. We stand at the forefront of this movement, providing state legislators and elected officials across all 50 states with the resources, support, and network they need to champion the Judeo-Christian values and constitutional principles that are vital to the strength and stability of American families.

Our Commitment to
Constitutional Principles

Guided by unwavering faith and dedication to our moral and Christian heritage, our mission is to serve leaders committed to the constitutional fabric of our nation. From religious freedom and the sanctity of life to ensuring economic liberty and security, we tackle the issues that matter most to the American family’s prosperity and freedom.


Our network is a magnet for bold and strategic leaders who are not afraid to navigate today's challenges

How We Make a Difference

The Pro-Family Legislative Network connects Christian pro-family legislators and leaders with innovative policies and proven reforms that have been successful in other states. Through our meticulous screening of thousands of bills, and our work with leading policy and legal experts, we identify where change is needed most and provide a pathway to enact meaningful reforms efficiently and effectively.

Legacy of

Founded in 1998 by David Barton, PFLN was born out of a need to support state legislators facing the complex issues that impact family and Biblical values. Our history is built on the sacrifices and dedication of state legislators who strive to make a difference despite the challenges they face.

The PFLN Team

Strategic Policy Advancement Network (SPAN)

The Strategic Policy Advancement Network (SPAN) includes some of the nation’s leading policy and legal experts who partner with PFLN to support legislators taking on the pressing issues in their states. We are honored to consider these experts part of our network as we serve state legislators together.

Our SPAN Team

Congressman Randy Forbes

Foundation President
Congressional Prayer Caucus

Brad Dacus

Pacific Justice Institute

Chad Connelly

Faith Wins

Mat Staver

Founder & Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Kelly Shackelford

First Liberty Institute

Rick Green

Patriot Academy

Jaco Booyens

Jaco Booyens Ministries, Combating Sex Trafficking

John Graves

Million Voices

Matt Krause

First Liberty Institute

Justin Haskins

Socialism Research Center, The Heartland Institute

Mike Farris

Former President & CEO

Alliance Defending Freedom

Stanley Kurtz

Senior Fellow
Ethics & Public Policy Center

Lori Kuykendall

Resources President
Beacon Health Education

Katy Faust

Them Before Us

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

American Alliance of Jews & Christians

Janice Lorrah

Legislative Counsel
Pacific Justice Institute

Bob McEwen

Former Congressman
Executive Director for Council for National Policy

Jonathan M. Alexandre, Esq.

Senior Counsel for Governmental Affairs
Liberty Counsel

Don't Stand Alone


Joining PFLN means you have a team standing with you as you fight on the frontlines of your state’s most important issues. Together, we can ensure a future where our founding principles are preserved and strengthened for generations to come. Discover how you can join with like-minded legislators and leaders to create a more prosperous and secure future for all American families.